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CD Digipack (ARK 0014) - ARK RECORDS

Great new Italian neo-folk band at his debut !
new sounds full of trumpets,riding acoustic guitars, beating drums, great vocals ...
Simply a great project, the disc comes in a beautiful embossed digipack .

Folk tales and ancient poetry give us evidence of the existence of a world of truth rooted on a deep spiritual connection between man and nature.
The noble and wise men of the past had understood that listening to nature was like listening to themselves.
Observing and understanding its movements and its signs was the access to the inner being and the secrets of their own life.
“Nature extracts and reflects man.”

Now those temples have been destroyed, their foundations scattered, but the deep truth of that ancient wisdom is still there, treasured in the stones those temples were made of.
In those places, where that sincere and deep connection with nature can be restablished, the wise voice still whispers to sensitive and noble hearts.
Penetrating the depths of woods is like walking the days of our ancestors, a voyage to the truth, a path to ancestral knowledge and roots.

“Renaissance!” celebrates that Emotion, the sense of the past and the strenght of its recalling.
Until there will be someone ready to listen and feel, that memory will never fade and the fire of the ancient wisdom will warm his heart.

1. Gift of life
2. May my ode travel in the cart of night
3. Of everlasting memory
4. The magic of trees
5. Tales in the mist
6. Whispers from the north
7. Up our banners !
8. The light of a new dawn
9. Landscapes of native land

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