Insular Transcript


Music Cassette (RUR044) - TREUE UM TREUE

Limited Edition 70 copies

If there is one band out there that carries the pennant of prolific eccentricity and uncompromised authenticity it’s GERMAN ARMY.
After more than 50 albums released in a span of just 6 years, the mysterious Californian entity – though still close to its initial sonic trademark – never ceases to amaze and to beguile.
On "Insular Transcript" tribal industrial beats flirt with tropical sun drenched melodies, lavish post-punk bass lines and the typical echo-laden crooner vocals, thus creating a Yin-Yang of straight forward mechanic amnesia and longing late-night reminiscence. GERMAN ARMY is the unchallenged heir to the throne of the 80s industrial tape scene and their monumental opus definitely ranks on the same level of importance as those of CABARET VOLTAIRE, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS and THROBBING GRISTLE.

A1 Grasp The Subjective
A2 Ixil Triangle
A3 Bossou Djalon
A4 Glisten And Laze
A5 Semuc
B1 Destabilizing Effect
B2 Equalization
B3 Rare Is The Sense
B4 Cherished Idea
B5 Subordinate Countries

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