Vita Abscondi


Music cassette (CQBL048) - BRAVE MYSTERIES

Limited Edition 100 copies

A selection of AA's songs from all albums.
All of the tracks are presented as acoustik versions and countered by ambient-like interludes, which makes all tracks exclusive for this release.
Some of them are field recordings taken at the Externsteine and in the crypt of the Wewelsburg.

Dear Whoever,
these recordings were found among the possessions of the late Michael, Abscon's most recent incarnation.
It is not known under which circumstances the tracks on this cassette were recorded.
Rumour has it that several field recordings were done in the crypt of the Wewelsburg and the Externsteine.
The personnel probably was: Michael, Mimikry and Karl Südhain.
Be thrice blessed in the Name & Beauty.

Pro printed tape in a limited edition of 100 copies.

A1 Anamnesis I 1:07
A2 In Abscondinium 4:42
A3 Ich Suche Nicht, Ich Finde 2:41
A4 Was Mitgebracht 3:28
A5 Anamnesis II 1:20
A6 Der 13te Gast 2:54
A7 Dieses Herz Ist Noch Heiß 3:13
B1 Erscheinung! 4:16
B2 Anamnesis III 0:44
B3 Die Zeit Ist Tot 3:07
B4 Morgendämmerung 3:49
B5 Anamnesis IV 1:16
B6 Am Himmel Mit Feuer 2:41
B7 Anamnesis V 1:16
B8 Freie Felder 2:11

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