A Decade of Infernal Industrial


Music Cassette (OEC 107) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 54 copies


  • There Were Fires by the Lake
  • She Turns the Tide
  • Nexion

INFERNAL INDUSTRIAL was an instinctive definition I (Rodolfo von Old Europa) forged many years ago, in a first attempt to label SC9 style.
Throughout the years this term has gained a considerable amount of admirers, despite the band's will to stay in the dark and avoid contact with the alleged elite of industrial music.
Dawning the celebration of their first 10 years of activity, the band decided to summon a selection of musicians that had crossed their path in order to create a unique release together.
All of them were asked to present their personal interpretation, resulting in an exciting sequence of tracks that are both diverse and incredibly consistent.
SC9 added its signature of ritual noise and further sonic manipulation.

A C70 Music Cassette limited to 54 numbered copies, collaborative release by "Soundscape 713" and "Old Europa Cafe"
Released for the X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE festival held in Bologna / Italy on October 31 2015.

Few final copies on stock.

A1.  I Dreamt of a Green Butterfly (feat. Naxal Protocol)
A2.  13 Circles (feat. Noisedelik)
A3.  Carving Your Death (feat. Uncodified)
A4.  Laughing Lilith (Blues For) (feat. Northgate - recorded live)
A5.  She Turns the Tide (feat. Sshe Retina Stimulants)
A6.  We Grow Accustomed to the Dark (feat. Lunus)

B1.  There Were Fires by the Lake (feat. Lorenzo Abattoir)
B2.  They Came From the Golden Wood (feat. She Spread Sorrow)
B3.  Il Rito di Spina (feat. Le Cose Bianche)
B4.  Ritual 11 (feat. Grey Wolves / Survival Instinct)
B5.  Nexion (feat. Wertham)
B6.  To Bind Your Will (feat. Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte)
B7.  The Stars Are Aligned - Again (feat. Lyke Wake)

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