A Thirsty Fish


CD Jewel-Box (KUT 6) - TOUCH

An impressively accomplished work of considerable complexity, A Thirsty Fish is dense, choppy and overloaded with information.
Perhaps it was McKenzie's very lack of means that forced him to consider alternatives to more primitive manipulations such as speed changes and cut-ups.
There is a constant turnover of new material (some of the more identifiable sound sources include the sound of a saucepan filling with water, bird calls and human voices), with no themes developed for any length of time or returned to later; it only starts to pull back in its penultimate section.
The result is a series of widescreen, multi-layered events - the source material is abstracted, transformed and transfigured into sound with transportative potential.
Considering the limited means at McKenzie's disposal, it's an extraordinarily imaginative work.
Somewhwere between Drone, Experimental and Musique Concrète.
Rare album dated 1992

§ Track 1   22:55
1a A Thirsty Fish
1b The Dirty Fire
1c A Loud Egg

§ Track 2   22:37
2a The Blind Table
2b A Hungry Stone

§ Track 3   25:41
3a The Closed Bread
3b An Elderly Testament

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