Archival Recordings: Primal Image / Beauty


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Alan Lamb is an Australian "sound sculptor".
He is best known for installations of large scale Aeolian harps, such as for this album "Primal Image", which consists of contact microphone recordings of kilometre long spans of telegraph wire on 12 acres (49,000 m2) in rural Baldivis south of Perth purchased for that purpose.

These tracks were constructed in 1988 ("Primal Image") and 1986 ("Beauty") as a series of segments averaging several minutes each, with transitional overdubs at the seams, and with heavy use of EQ for harmonic balance and noise reduction.
About 20 hours of source material was recorded using contact microphones on telephone wires over a cumulative period of 10 days in November 1981 ("Primal Image") and April 1983 ("Beauty").

Very rare album released back in 1995.

1 Primal Image 29:33
2 Beauty 16:52

This is rare!
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