Ušumgal Kalamma


2xCD Box (LOKI 56) - LOKI

What began with the previous releases, "Buried Under Time and Sand" and "The Gods Are Small Birds..." comes now to the final chapter and climax, with an epic double album, Usumgal Kalamma:
"The written word that has come down to us through the discovery of the ancient civilizations of Sumer and Akkad and the deciphering of their languages and writing systems speaks of flourishing city-states, their holy places, their great rulers, their deeds in peace and war, their gods and demons,
their rituals, their tales of creation and much more."

Usumgal Kalamma is a huge and rich soundwork, divided into two parts that transport the listener into the realms of the archaic world.
It is an invitation to explore a mythic age in history whereby the inventions of these people are still connected with us today.
Intense ritualistic and percussive drumming melt with deep atmospheric drones, invocations, otherwordly tones and various acoustic instruments such as gongs, bells and zither.
This sonic prayer is Herbst9´s trademark of a ritual infused dark ambient style and an essential document that combines historical background with sound art.
Comes in a box with a 32-pages booklet.

Tracklist :
1-she filled the wells of the land with blood
2-napissunu mutumma
3-ludlul bel nemeqi
4-birds of sorrow are building nests on these flanks
5-ušumgal kalamma
6-a sacred dwelling
7-ereškigal, rise from your throne

1-kima šuškalli ukattimanni šittu
3-ningirsu ušumgal
4-the sage lord ašimbabbar
5-mutum kima imbari izannun elišum
6-ašar tallaki ittiki lullik
7-the great child of Suen

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