In Search of Death (Original Cassette)


Music Cassette in A5 folder (SPT01) - SLAUGHTER PRODUCTIONS

The original first SLAUGHTER PRODUCTIONS music Cassette release dated 1993 / The first ATRAX MORGUE tape!
The tape where everything started, no need for long descriptions.
The best Italian Isolationist and Death P/E, or with Marco's words: "SUCKING BLOOD FROM A DEAD PUSSY"

A5 folding cover plus insert on red paper.
We sell copy #30 (like new / from our own collection)

Scum A
A1 Intro (The Next Door) 2:27
A2 Lonely 5:31
A3 RapeTime 3:42
A4 In Search Of Death 5:01
A5 Vaginal Speculum 3:58

Scum B
B1 Gein Blessed 4:42
B2 Death Come 4:43
B3 Necrolessia 5:51
B4 MurderBeat 5:19

(Internal note:  Box 1)

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