Invocation Of The Beast Gods / Invocatio Beastia Dei


CD Jewel-Box (ST-C.D. 006) - STAALPLAAT

INVOCATIO BEASTIA DEI / INVOCATION OF THE BEAST GODS is a well-paced and deftly layered collage based on location recordings of night creatures – bats, owls, foxes, insects and sea animals.
Like many of Nocturnal Emissions’ previous recordings, it combines natural with synthetic sounds in a wholly musical blend.
The key to the success of this disc is its rhythm.
Every sound has its own looped pattern (many of the sounds are looped), and when these different but complimentary patterns are combined, a dense and enticing aural landscape emerges.
A meticulously laid out and painstakingly arranged musical environment.

1 Bestiae Clamor 3:58
2 Caeli Piscis 3:16
3a Fons 4:12
3b Pulveris Fossa 3:08
4 Parva Anguilla 4:10
5 Talpa Cicada 4:06
6 Parvum Miraculum 4:07
7 Delphintintinnabulum 4:00
8 Lenis Tinnitus 4:04
9 Ferocitas 3:30

This is rare!
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