Breaking Point Syndrome


CD Digipack (ACD 021) - AUTARKEIA

Breaking Point-Syndrome is the ninth album of Erik Jarl, Swedish industrial genius.
Just like his previous albums, this one radiates the remarkably icy, mercilessly depressing and languorous as well as claustrophobic mood.
To reach the effect, Erik simply generates unique industrial sound.
All sounds are full of unexplainable anxiety, the feeling of degenerate future, drug-induced reality, poisoning and exceptionally technocratic character.
Jarl music can be qualified as psychedelic industrial/drone a persuasive and visionary sonic landscape.

1 Part 1 11:39
2 Part 2 7:36
3 Part 3 8:19
4 Part 4 8:22
5 Part 5 10:39

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