The Starwheel [second print]


CD Digipack (12th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

Second print of the second Kammarheit album.
An eloquent, more profound and highly personal album.
The deeply serene drones and melancholic soundscapes are as always the main focus,but this time Pär Boström introduces an engulfing spiritual depth to his soundscapes.
A new glimpse of the world of Kammarheit, here's the second meditation.

1 Hypnagoga 4:06
2 Spatium 4:47
3 The Starwheel (Clockwise) 6:29
4 Klockstapeln 5:37
5 The Starwheel (Counter Clockwise) 4:46
6 A Room Between The Rooms 6:31
7 Sleep After Toyle, Port After Stormie Seas 6:56
8 All Quiet In The Land Of Frozen Scenes 6:54

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