Bouryoku Kikai


CD Digipack (Infect07) - MALIGNANT / BLACK PLAGUE

Industrial music could always use more junk metal abuse as far I'm concerned, so it's only logical that Japan's Linekraft would wind up on Black Plague for their third full length release.
5 extended tracks of resounding, metal percussion and corrosive frequencies, full of large scale, resonating clangs, snippets of samples, and a healthy heap of frying distortion and crushing, mechanized mayhem.
Combining the elements of the old industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle and Dissecting table with so called japanoise, Masahiko tries to set a new perspective to the expression "sound violence".
The sound that flows out of this CD is the example of how dirty one can go, without any reprocessing and fine tuning, staying natural and rude.

Tracklist :
1 Bouryoku Kikai 5:57
2 Jinkaku Syougai 19:07
3 Yugou 5:45
4 Kenjyu Jisatsu 6:12
5 Kigurui 6:12

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