Invisible Angel


CD Digipack (Shayo 007) - SHAYO

Like precursors such as Angels of Light, Neither/Neither World became soon a reference in the US-independent musical world.
Here comes the album dated 2006 !
Shelling both ethereal dreaming pop - where the voice of Wendy Van Dusen reminds as much her compatriots Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) and Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields) - and urban folk-noir which reminds rather environments of scenarist David Lynch as well as the apocalyptic vision of english bands Current 93 and Death In June, to name a few.

For fans of : Current 93, Elysian Fields, The Cranes, Cocteau Twins, Julee Cruise, Lydia Lunch ...

Tracks list:
01. Promise
02. Ghosts Whisper
03. Shadow of the Wings
04. Buried and Ghone
05. Postcards
06. Invisible Angel
07. I fall away
08. Tick Tock

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