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CD Digipack (RIE89) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

After several years of silence, Organisation Toth points out, that it is still active.
The music on the album is not "nice" martial, there are no neoclassical notes, no clear structures, no bombastic melodies.
In return, we get a raw industrial sounds located in the area of achievements of the legendary project Turbund Sturmwerk.
Howling sirens, chaotic rhythms, noises and creaks make feeling of confusion and strong sense of unspecified anxiety.
The album is dominated by austerity, the sounds are sharp and prickly.
Organistaion Toth reminds us that martial industrial have had such roots, martial is an idea, and the music is only the background to express beliefs and values.

01. Only Fear…
02. Örden
03. The Iron Evangel
04. Hypnotik Spell
05. The Death Issue
06. Circles ov Dust
07. Higher Law
08. O.T. Signal

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