Hindenburg [2012 Re-release]


CD Folder (LOKI 34) - LOKI

This classic CD edition from 2003 contains the Hindenburg material which was first
released as MLP vinyl in 1998.
Actually this was more than a simple re-issue of the vinyl as the CD release is an expanded edition different to the previous 6 tracks of the vinyl album.
It contains four unreleased / re-recorded tracks and remixes, as well as the original Hindenburg material taken from the source archives.
This album is a manifestation of symphonical songs with majestic vocals and brooding, dark ambient sonic-scapes.
This album includes a exclusive remix track of INADE.
Now available again with original artwork and tracklist.

1 Ascending Colossus
2 Luftschiffe
3 In Through The Eyes Of Heaven
4 Encoded Pages (Inade Remix)
5 Four Symbols
6 Under The Blackened Sun
7 Out From The Eyes Of Heaven
8 Lakehurst - A Tragic Moment Frozen In Time
9 Luftschiffe 2002 (hidden track)

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