Typhon Rising


CD Digipack (RIE107) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

After "Isis Rising", the new album "Typhon Rising" sings deep to the mind.
Typhon's time has come to light the fires and rise through the Path of Power.
We went beyond fears, reaching Isis, and now it's time to emit our breath and enlarge our minds, straight to Typhon Rising.
Seven tracks and a Death Ritual by Tempio 328, more than 60 minutes for this second chapter of the Rising Trilogy, only for true devotees of Infernal Ritual Industrial.

01.Il Sacrificio del Gallo Nero
02. Madre di Morte
03. Ritual 7
04. The Portal
05. Manifestation of Kymah
06. Typhon Rising
07. Waters of Return
08. Untitled

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