… And You Will Fear Death Not


CD Digipack (EIS 012) - EIS & LICHT

great projekt from Budapest.
When listeningto this conceptual album besides an opera singer from Budapest and a popular hungarian folk singer one may enjoy a variety of unconventional but nevertheless catchy musical styles that all are a special variant of the dark folk music.
The topic of the album is the decline of the last traditional empire: Japan.
Each single track describes another period of time and the then atmosphere in Japan.
As a matter of fact the sound, therefore, is extremely manifold and the music is not only pure folk.
Starting out with a Hungarian counter-tenor voice, almost NEUROSIS leaning e-guitars are roaring only to change again into neofolk.
Especially the track "The Peach Boy" should be mentioned here first place, which is performed by a well-known Hungarian folkloric singer. For recording the subsequent track having almost techno tendencies a Japanese was invited into the studio giving a recital of a text in his mother tongue.
On the whole it is certainly true that the main element of the album is in the field of neofolk even if in a very mature variant and tending to string instruments.
The mastery in the instruments and the professional implementing are impressive.
The pictures were chosen for the luxurious digipack in order to make the music meaningful in an adequate way.
The accompanying notes contain on 12 pages all lyrics in the English language.

Tracks list:
1) Paean
2) Age of the last Law
3) The world is a Teardrop ...
4) Breathing deeply
5) The Peach Boy
6) A Tower of the devil
7) Passion
8) Zero
9) Die before Dying
10) The empire in me
11) In Memory of the last Empire

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