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CD Jewel-Box (BOT 131-08CD) - WORLD SERPENT

The Lemon Kittens come from a stranger place than most normal DIYer's, from the crustier edge of the pie, but none the less,part of the same pie. The link between the TV Personalities and Throbbing Gristle.
This is the first release from Karl Blake and Danielle Dax, and it is suitably nuts.
With no “proper” musical skills upon their formation in Reading, England, the Lemon Kittens epitomized the “anything goes” spirit of late-’70s post-punk in the U.K.
Great off kilter pop tunes with the logic of dreams, sounds like a karaoke night in a lunatic asylum.
Rare cult album.

1 Shakin All Over 3:29
2 This Kind Of Dying 2:37
3 Morbotalk 2:03
4 Bookburner 2:01
5 Whom Do I Have To Ask 2:32
6 Chalet D Amour 3:21
7 ...Not A Mirror 2:31
8 Paper-Thin Religion 5:04
9 Go With The Flow 3:20
10 Part Of Hetties Tradition 1:4

This is rare!
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