War Without End


CD Jewel Box (CSR 41 CD) - COLD SPRING

STREICHER are for sure one of the harsh Industrial underground legends !
starting in Australia in the mid 80s, Ülex Xane began a number of extreme noise projects released mostly on cassette and distributed through the tape networks up to the early 90s.
The original cassettes are now sought after collectors items.
STREICHER utilise a mix of total noise / power noise with covert military recordings, military equipment, radar signals, military telecommunication signals.
It is a stark comment on the current war against terrorism - literally, a war without end. This is the first time the finest recordings of STREICHER have been digitally remastered and presented to you on CD.

Track listing:
1. Let Slip The Dogs Of War
2. EOD Ordnance Detector
3. Internal Security Troposcatter Alert
4. Perimeter Guard (Tyrant Trooper)
5. Voltage Liquidation
6. Interdiction By Force (S.N.A. #0 Live)
7. Martyrdom's Call
8. Coded Channels
9. Threatcon Delta
10. World Trade Center
11. Terrorist Reality (S.N.A. #1 Live)

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