The Story Of Alfons Czahor


CD Digifile (D 2) - OBUH

An obscure Polish band from Lublin.
Out on a cul label such "Obuh Records" who also released cassettes and records by Za Siodma Gora, Ksiezyc, Atman, Noise Maker’s Fife, Stilluppsteypa…
‘The Story Of Alfons Czahor’ includes orthodox church chanting, chorale traditional song, birds singing, various noises, obscure hushed voices, a permanent electronic hiss and heavily processed keyboards drones.
Very intense music from start to finish.
Best Minimal Ambient.

Comes in an oversized fold-out sleeve with 2 inserts.
Rare cult album dated 1994.

1 Zawiązanie (Commencement) - 1920 11:14
2 Czahor 6:24
3 Borzobohaty 4:11
4 Dajna II 3:33
5 A Moc Błagadarności 7:17
6 Aphonia - Rozwiązanie (Confinement) 5:18
7 Ephiphonema 11:00

This is rare!
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