Unidentified Light


CD Digipack (Triton 28 CD) - TRITON

Cold and dark.
Anxiety and fear mixed to chilling and apocalyptic electro-industrial sounds.
Almost an hour in the darkest night, this is what promises this highly successful chapter o dated 1999.
Angelo Bergamini and his team are perfectly able to design a dream album which offer an authentic trip (or better said a nightmare) thanks to the wealth of sounds and to the skill of the vocalist.
The personel for this album was: Angelo Bergamini, Emilia Lo Jacono and Elena Alice Fossi.

1 Coming Clouds     4:04
2 Justice     6:38
3 The Burning Sea (Retro-Engineering 1/a)     6:51
4 Uniwhite 1     1:47
5 Learning To Live     4:57
6 Uniwhite 2     1:13
7 Moon Is Getting Closer Part 1     5:52
8 Thanks Pigs     6:48
9 The Limit     6:18
10 Moon Is Getting Closer Part 2     5:10
11 The Burning Sea (Bonus Mix)     7:22
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