Untitled #352


USB Memory Card (None) - NOT ON LABEL

Limited Edition 250 copies

USB memory card, artist edition of 250 individually signed copies.

Created from original environmental sound matter recorded at the Régie de Chauffage Urbain / RCU (urban boiler plant facility) in Fontenay sous Bois, near Paris. 

(1) Mutated into a myriad of sonic layers and composed for the audio only installation performance soundtrack  of the choreographic project ‘Exposure’ by Anne Collod.
Premiered for blindfolded audiences at the RCU as part of the Biennale de Danse du Val de Marne 2017.

(2) Selected complex layers further evolved and distilled into extensive electric mantras (‘MANTRAcks’).
Headphones and dedicated listening highly recommended.
Occasional apparent digital clipping is a deliberate aesthetic decision.
Composed, mixed and mastered at ‘mobile messor’ (Den Haag, Dublin, Paris)
And Dune Studio (Loosduinen), 2016--‐2017.

MANTRAck 01 [30:00]
MANTRAck 02 [30:00]
MANTRAck 03 [30:00]
MANTRAck 04 [30:00]
MANTRAck 05 [30:00]
MANTRAck 06 [30:00]
MANTRAck 07 [30:00]
MANTRAck 08 [30:00]
MANTRAck 09 [30:00]
MANTRAck 10 [30:00]
Soundtrack 'Exposure' [20:00]

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