Black Industrial Grimoire

Various Artists

CD + CD-R + Sound-Object Box Set (RMLE013) - RADICAL MATTERS

This is a phono medianic packaging set created by a shining circel of authors,
cathalized by the pioneer and master of the black industrial musical genre :
MZ.412 and his mastermind HENRIK NORDVARGR BJORKK.
This box is a Black Magic Invocation !

Very special box set containing :
- CD in hand made digipak
- CDR in hand-made digipak
- Speaker (sound package) / Medianic phono set, cabled with a mini jack able to be connected to your Stereo Hi-Fi
- The sacred Unicurdal Hexagram stylization as pop-up
- Consacred Trapeod Black Mirror
- Insert
- Slipcase for hold all parts together

The content of this special concept album is a compendium in the the form of a grimoire,
a special magical instrumentation for medianic and metaphisical pratiques
based on an ancient form of Mantela (divination)
based on the occult side of the risonance in the sound.

About the CD and CD-r :
the audio content on the CD-r is developed by the original recordings made by all authors involved in the CD format
where they operas are explicitally composed as a demoniacal evocation "formed with soud".
This audio CD-r is initially manipulated in studio only to excite the very low frequencies of the orifginal recordings.
The result was re-recorded live with special microphones during a liminal conjunction of events (in date 8 November 2008).
13 meter under the ground, during the 16th event of the Etruscan magic astronomy.
Towards the north-west sol-stitium of Matvtha for the Samonios of the Triplici Mundi Patet :
into an ancient Rasnakh ritual undergriund place, sited in the core of Tuscia: the Munlisvle of Fanum Voltumnae.
The particular condition of those second recordings session have permitted to charge the recordings in itself
with the live presence of the dead energy of ancient spirits of darkness,
which in this deeper underground temples, have the door to their reign.

Tracklist :
I DRAKH - Numerevil
II GNAW THEIR TONGUES - Bleeding like dogs
III STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES - The invokation of Merihim
IV BREATH OF CAHOS - Nothing Remains the Same
V MELEK-THA - Haborym
VI ORDO TYRANNIS - Chronzon Aria
VII BATCHEEBA - Lemegeton Placenta
VIII MICHAEL W FORD - Invocation to Ahriman
X GRAUEN PESTANZ - Voluptus a Letum
XI UTARM - Crushing Infinity
XIII MZ.412 - Curded in the name of Enki

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