Tavola Anatomica IV



Limited Edition 36 copies

TAVOLE ANATOMICHE will be a series of industrial works based on "Tavole Anatomiche" (Anatomic Tables for English) inspired by engravings released by Giulio Casseri and Andrea Vesalio.
Each TAVOLA ANATOMICA will be elaborated by a different artist, which provides his particular vision on such theme.
Each TAVOLA ANATOMICA release will have a common graphic part (front and back cover) and different graphics for each artist on inside cover featuring other anatomical engravings.
All TAVOLA ANATOMICA albums are strictly limited to 36 munbered copie.
All covers are binded through a ribbon hoding a plexiglas razor-blade in different colours.

DJINN is well known for his first releases coming out on Marco Corbelli's label "Slaughter Production", isolationist and void industrial... And the warranty of the Italian Industrial school.

1 Section And Analysis Part 1 7:38
2 Section And Analysis Part 2 5:05
3 Section And Analysis Part 3 5:22
4 Section And Analysis Part 4 8:49
5 Section And Analysis Part 6 5:45
6 Section And Analysis Part 6 5:48

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