Disfiguring Canine Hysteria

SUCTION MELENA [Le Cose Bianche]

Music Cassette in VHS Box (CBR25) - CUSTOM BODY RECORDS

Limited Edition 30 copies

More disturbing and Power-Electronics oriented side project by Giovanni Mori / LE COSE BIANCHE.
Very limited release.

Hand numbered and signed, limited edition 30 copies with vintage 1980's cassette inside VHS black box wrapped in garbage bag plus inserts.
The inserts contain credits, tracklist, some nasty images and two treaties:
one on canine hysteria and the other on paraphilia known as zoophilia.
One shot like body penis....

With contributions by Piero Stanig (Naxal Protocol / Cazzodio) and Eugene Vintras (Djinn).
Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies, comes in Video-Tape box including inserts.

NB: all box companoents (Music-Cassette / Video-Box) are recycled!

A1 Dog Dig This 2:17
A2 Disfiguring 6:04
A3 Sudden Maneuver 1:20
A4 Canine Simple Joke 4:05
B1 K9 Olocaust 2:58
B2 Take Several Forms 2:47
B3 Vixen Recovery 3:28
B4 Canine Phanatic Handjob 3:07

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