Master Control



Recorded 1984 - 87 and first released on LILIT label, comes with an additional track from 1988 not originally included on the cassette release.
As a document of the time it proves that in Sweden there were artists capable of producing vomit inducing extreme music that moved slightly sideways away from Whitehouse and their ilk’s template.
"Master Control" is a crazy mad record that has easily stood the test of time.
In fact it compares on equal footing to any of the extreme electronic music still being trundled relentlessly out today by those who still think they are the instigators of something unique and different.
Without stating the bleeding obvious "Master Control" is as hardcore and downright nasty as anything currently available.
The extremities of the sonics hit the sweet spot perfectly.
The high piercing frequencies tempered with gurgling rumbles and all out obstinate assaults to the senses sound so vibrant and essential even today.

1 Master Control 45:46
2 Pain & Pleasure 7:02
3 Exzesse 4:44
4 Forced Entry 9:47

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