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New Video-clip by PORTA VITTORIA >>>

New OEC Releases Now Available
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

A journey into ACL's birth and execution of the son ritual. Constructions and deconstructions of sounds, words into an empty space at times filled with abstract realities, at times with walls not easy to break. Reflections of controlling artifici ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

Collaborative release by those 2 primer German / US art-dark-folk projects. A lovely bounch of superb Noir-Cabaret charming songs. The songs comprising "Songs of Hate + Hate" were solitarily composed and authored respectively by Art Abscon, J1 St ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

74 minutes of bombastic, néoclassical & tribal post-industrial muzak which describes dark “survivalists” martial processions and post-apocalyptic landscapes. The album invites guests and brothers in arms as like: TSIDMZ, Vir Martialis, Front Sonore ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

Two years after "Rings", Corrado Altieri and Simon Balestrazzi are back on Old Europa Cafe with a new release that draws its inspiration from the life and work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the 19th centuty Russian occultist, whose research and publi ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

Conceived between Saitama and Berlin, this album is a collaboration between Japanese junk metal noise-master Masahiko Okubo (LINEKRAFT) and Italian rhythmic heavy electronics pioneer P/S (CAZZODIO, NAXAL PROTOCOL). A bludgeoning combination of the ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

LUNUS at his beAst monochrome stark harsh beat & anti-drone musick. For those who do not have memory Lunus is the solo project of Devis "deviLs" Granziera of Teatro Satanico. And indeed here, among these gloomy tracks, you may find the bitter ess ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

THE RITA’s new full length work is a complex work of obsessive research on discipline, elite beauty, and suffering in the world of Ballet. The main piece of the album is a lengthy composition that starts extremely minimal with subtle textural soun ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

REUTOFF Tribute compilation! For those (few) who don't know Reutoff : they are one of the more prominent and intriguing Russian Post-Industrial Ambient projects. The album, celebrating the bands 16th anniversary, consists of remixes and cover versi ... View full listing
Forthcoming OEC Releases
LP , Price: €16,00

Foreseen to be released late in May 2014.
You can pre-order this album now at the reduced price of 16,00 euros.
Once out standard price will be 19,00 euros.

Patrick Leagas has been making music since 1978.
He was one of the three founder members of "Death in June", one half of the duo "Mother Destruction" during the 1990's and has also been producing music sporadically under the name Six comm since 1986.
Often spending years at a time away from recording and live shows Patrick returned with
6 comm last March and has begun a series of concerts to re kindle memories and to show
his work live which has been little performed over the decades.

Ontogeny is a series of releases to re- present his best known compositions totally
re- recorded for a new generation and an audience who are not familiar with his work.
This vinyl release is number two in the series.

Patrick / 6comm will be performing several shows in 2014 where he will be playing the best
known and most playable of his old work in a live situation, as many of his compositions such
as the 20 songs on the double album 'Headless- Let the moon speak', his last work, do not lend themselves easily to the format of live work.
By the end of 2014 6comm will move forward to new compositions different in sound and nature to much of the material presented here on Ontogeny II.

Patrick though known mainly as one of the founders of the Dark wave - Neo folk scene has never adhered to any genres at all and has composed a wider variety of music than perhaps anyone else within those genres.

2014 will be the last chance to see his old works up until 2010 performed live.
Beyond that we will have to see if he remains with his musical activities or whether he will
disappear from view again.

Tracklist :
A1. Angels Scream
A2. Red Cloak II
A3. Othila (potbmix)

B1. Doubt to death 14-18
B2. Born Again (skullmix)
B3 Salerno Carousel (3rd Batt GG)

CD Digipack , Price: €13,00

Foreseen to be released late lin May 2014.
You can pre-order this album now at the reduced price of 13,00 euros.
Once out standard price will be 16,00 euros.

Electric sewer age was thought up in 2006 by a man called John Deek (r.i.p).
The original idea was for likeminded souls, amongst particularly the coil fraternity, too compose music, which would be released, with no credits to the creators.
This would allow the listener to listen, and not have a preconceived bias, as to which song they liked best, based on their favourite composer etc.
While in Bangkok 2006, I talked with Peter Christopherson (r.i.p) about the project and he jumped aboard.
He supplied many loops which made their way to Texas and onto the UK.
These segments might or might not be used in here, you explore.

Danny Hyde continues his fantastical journey in sound with this second release under the ESA name and completely moves beyond expectations.
Disproving the doubters, this EP is pretty much just him in his studio wrenching new creations out of his equipment; the trainspotters amongst us will no doubt pick out some of the shards he pulls from his past.
But he doesn't make them the focus of what is going on here, they are there merely to accent, to add a bit of depth and help illuminate how many years he's been at this.
Does he follow a muse?
If so, it must not be one that operates in the traditional sense.
Perhaps it is more of a compulsion to create and then endlessly refine what you've done down to the most primal of elements.

There are ghosts all over this thing, you can feel the weight of their absence and at some points you swear you can actually hear them.
Tricks of the sound field, the mirror casting back shadows.
If anyone else is on here, they have come out of the ether to make an appearance.
Don't be afraid, put on your headphones and immerse yourself into a symphony that Hyde terms "an ode to loss".

He'd know.

We can all see from the outside what happened over the last decade but for him, it was all right there.
Up close and personal.
Through the usage of heavily processed vocals and arcane terrestrial instrumentation, Hyde lives up to his reputation for creating amazingly detailed yet extremely dark electronic compositions.
The symbiosis of organic and synthetic influences would be his forte and he's not holding anything back this time out, believe me, there's a feel to what is on here that isn't easily conceived.
To just sit down and begin knocking out what 'Bad White Corpuscle' contains I don't think could be done unless you had planned and plotted out every last possible contingency down to the millisecond.

I've played this a lot but by comparison he's probably got mixes and additional versions of what's on here that could fill terabytes of hard drive space without batting an eye.

Electric Sewer Age exist between two worlds: the one of now and an older, more disturbing place which with the passage of time only becomes more savage and terrifying to visit.
As it appears he's chosen to put Aural Rage to bed, we have these excursions to look forward to; every few years Mr. Hyde will come out of seclusion to reveal where he's at and where he's going.
Clearly, this project is a form of therapy for the guy and having researched precisely what a bad white corpuscle is there's an uneasy feeling that foreshadowing is being employed here.
I'm not privy to whom this refers, I can only hope they know what they're doing.
This is so intense, so unflinchingly expressive that I come away completely drained.
Up by Sunday.

Very elegant electronica, as you are used from best Coil's albums.
Dreamy and doped muzak for the real dreamer.

Tracklist :
01. Grey corpuscle 3.56
02. Corpuscular corpuscle 5.11
03. Amber corpuscle 5.12
04. Rising corpuscle 8.40
05. Bad white corpuscle 6.27
06. Black corpuscle 5.20

CD Digipack , Price: €13,00

Foreseen to be released in September 2014.
An Illustrated Epiphany on Italian Outsider Electronics.

A new MMM album entirely dedicated to the criminal and perverse Italian power electronics from the 80's and 90's.
A selection of tracks chosen for their sound cruelty and aesthetics, re-proposed and re-performed by MMM.
A tribute to the strength, blood and acoustic perversion of those projects.
A tribute to Love, Hate and Depravity.

Limited edition of 250 copies on CD / Digipack
Very limited edition of 50 copies on Vinyl+CD with insert focussed on Italian Power Electronics.

For this incarnation MMM will be
§ Adriano Vincenti (MMM leader): Vox
§ P. NG5361. Bandera (Sigillum S / Sshe Retina Stimulants): Electronics

Track List :
01. “High Heels Inside My Throat” (Atrax Morgue)
02. “Novità” (Progetto Morte)
03. “I Want Your blood” (The Sodality)
04. “Leather Sex” (Murder Corporation)
05. ”Kiss The Carpet” (Mathausen Orchestra)
06. “Corpi Da Reato” (Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte)
07. “Assholes” (Iugula Thor)
08. “Injecting The Pain” (Dead Body Love)
09. "Air-Flight And Prostitution Patterns” (Sshe Retina Stimulants)
10. “Urge to Kill” (The New Sadism)
11. “Anal Whip” (Sado Vision)

2xCD Digipack , Price: €14,00

Foreseen to be released late lin May 2014.
You can pre-order this album now at the reduced price of 14,00 euros.
Once out standard price will be 17,00 euros.

First escorted and abandoned by dark spirits, you wander alone through pitch-blackness, following sounds you'd rather run from then to.
But there is no other place to go but down, deeper and further.
So turn off your lights AND put out your candle when you listen to this powerful release. The title says it all, 'Requiem for Abandoned Souls' is filled with such extreme talent and understanding in the ways of the desolate decay that eats away at the very structure of mankind, that the music becomes a pulsating, throbbing entity that comes sobbing out of your speakers only to lament the crumbling states of whatever you are stressed about at that moment.
It’s a natural sounding catalyst that merely tries to change something inside of you.
The songs are like epic collages of pain mixed with tranquillity, of course mixed with an eerie atmosphere, that goes without saying, but it’s the high quality of the material that pushes the album above the rest.

As with the paths previously forged, sacral and arcane religious undertones permeate all aspects of the music.
Awash with reverberating drones, metallic nuisances, discordant chimes, haunting chorals and sub- orchestral movements, the forlorn atmospheres unfold over the expanse of five interlinked tracks.
The key to understanding Andersson's vision for this album lies in the track titles; read separately, or taken together as a poem.
The toll of a church bell escorts the listener on an existential voyage through the world according to raison d'être, a bleak place populated by shadowy souls abandoned of all hope.
But don't let that scare you away, because this remarkably beautiful collection of songs is a true remedy in this age of chaos; when the outside withers away, the inside fills with emptiness, and there's nothing left to believe in.

The expanded edition of 'Requiem for Abandoned Souls' contains the original disc with a bonus track and a second disc with material from various live performances from 2003 and 2004.
As with the original release (Cold Meat Industry 2003) the artwork consists of images of abandoned places photographed by Henk van Rensbergen, but instead of being presented with five different layouts all the original images are included in the one and only layout.

Tracklist :
§ Disc 1
1. In Abandoned Places
2. The Shadow of the Soul
3. Disintegrates from Within
4. Towards Desolation
5. Becoming the Void of Nothingness
6. Summoning The Void

§ Disc 2 (Live)
1. Summoning The Void
2. Mouldering the Forlorn I
3. The Hidden Hallows
4. Disintegrates from Within
5. The Verge of Somnolence
6. The Slow Ascent
7. End of a Cycle
8. The Void
9. The Wasteland
10. Reflecting in Shadows
11. Becoming the Void of Nothingness
12. In Abandoned Places (ending)

Disc 1: all music by Peter Andersson 2003 (track 1-5) and 2004 (track 6).
Bowed cymbal and trombone performed by Martin Bladh.
Disc 2: recorded live 2003-2004.
K-14 level mastering 2014.

Photos by Henk van Rensbergen
10" Vinyl , Price: TBA

Four founders of American Neofolk music celebrate the founding of the American nation with contemporary versions of battle songs from the period.

This album Features collaboration between:
And also features a guest appearance by ANDREW KING (King George III)

A super collaborative project.
A super Band.
A 10" vinyl release coming on the American Independence day on July 4, 2014.