ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI - Early and Unreleased Songs [Special : orange CDr edition]

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Format: CD-R Folder
Limited: 111
Label: Front 011, THE EASTERN FRONT
Price: €12,00
Special edition : the first 111 copies of the 333 released ones come as "Orange" CDr,
we stock just one final copy : # 25/333.

Israeli edition of early and unreleased tracks and unpublished versions of renowned songs recorded by "Rose Rovine e Amanti".
Comic and unserious love songs, jokes, false English...
Compiled personally by Damiano Mercuri and featuring, especially written for this release, a personal message of Damiano to his listeners.
The songs were chosen and prepared especially for being published on The Eastern Front label.

Tracks list:
Volgari e Cafoni
Punk Woyzeck
Kristal Estonian Light
Hai mai tu preso un Cafe?
Holland Sea (Part I)
La Sagrada Familia
Holland Sea (Part II)