SOL INVICTUS - Trees In Winter (Re-edition)


Format: CD Digipack
Limited: 700
Price: €15,00
Featuring evergreens such as 'English Murder,' 'Media,' and 'Looking For Europe,' "Trees In Winter" has always been a highlight of every well-assorted Sol Invictus collection.
The album hasn't been available since its original release back in 1990 and is now complemented by three bonus tracks from the 1991 vinyl-only singles "Looking For Europe" and "See The Dove Fall / Somewhere In Europe."
The demo song 'See The Dove Fall' is included in a re-mixed version.

Tracklist :
1 English Murder
2 Sawney Bean
3 Gold Is King
4 Media
5 Looking For Europe
6 Here We Stand
7 Michael
8 Deceit
9 Blood Of Summer
10 Trees In Winter
§ Bonus
11 Somewhere In Europe
12 Looking For Europe
13 See The Dove Fall (early demo, 1999 mix)