STRYKNIN - Transparens


Format: CD-R Digipack
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"The descent and fall.
The confusion and dissolution.
The sparks that arose in the darkest cave system.
The flames and patterns from them.
Everything had a purpose.
Nothing was over.
All were part of larger circles.
The rule was to read paths.
The tools were the demand for transparency and keeping the eye on the mountain."

Stryknin is a project working with the organization and synthesis of sound, dealing with different themes and tactics: extracting certain flows from experience and written words.
Stryknin is based in Sweden and England, it's a fresh wind that blows from those lands ...
And "Transparens" was created in an intersection of Psych-Folk and Electroacoustic Computer Music ...
The "new" in this neo-folk / noir-cabaret world is here !

Track list:
1. Rising
2. Statue
3. Gathering 69
4. Later not Always
5. Transparent
6. Of Paths
7. A further Walk
8. Light by Light