TOLE ACHE - La Mort Danse Au Paradis


Format: CD Jewel Box
Label: digital 01 , DISORDER RECORDS
Price: €13,50
True "Oldschool"-Industrial in its evil pureness.
Brutal and raw, vibrant and rhythmical, with cut-ups and distorted voices:
a maelstrom of chaos and feedback.
One of the most interesting Industrial releases of the nineties, for fans of SPK...

Originally released in 1998 by as limited LP edition, the 3 bonustracks were taken from the cd "Power Me Up!", released in 2000 by M.N.D.R. as special boxset edition of the lp Break The Line!.

1 Destruction Of Thierry - Physical Destruction & Mental Destruction (10:15)
2 Experience Totale (4:49)
3 Douce Melodie De Mon Enfance (7:33)
4 La Rectification (11:50)
5 Le Tablaeu Vivant, L'Oeuvre Morte (5:59)
6 Mon Coeur Bât Une Derniere Fois (3:56)

7 Power Me Up! (Live At Break The Line!) (2:38)
8 Look At Me! (11:04)
9 Prostitution (17:16)