Various Artists - Enemies [A Collection of Wartime Lyrical Tunes]

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Format: CD Folder
Label: Angriff Nr. 36, DER ANGRIFF
Price: €13,00
A collection of wartime lyrical tunes performed byartists from countries which have struggled on the opposite sides of the World War II frontlines.

Partecipating to this project was :
- Duncan Patterson & Darren White (ex-Anathema) [UK]
- Traumer Leben [Germany]
- Von Thronstahl [Germany]
- Lonsai Maikov [France]
- Dissonant Elephant France]
- Moon Far Away [Russia]
- Titlo [Russia]
- Changes [USA]
- Rose Rovine E Amanti [Italy]
- Gothika [Japan]

All tracks are exclusive for this release except Von Thronstahl's one.
Compiled by Count Ash (Moon Far Away).
This release comes in a special b/w envelope similar to the soldiers letters which includes CD housed in its cardboard printed jacket and three photo inlays, limited edition of 500.