NORDVARGR / SURACHAI - A Wilderness of Cloades


Format: CD
Limited: 300
Price: €15,00
What began as a mutual correspondence turned into immediate respect and eventually a sickness and obsession that resulted in A Wilderness of Cloades.
The two artists, Nordvargr whom hails from the depths of Sweden's wintered wastelands and Surachai from the frozen concrete jungles of Chicago, explored new sonic territory and claimed it as their own.
Their shared knowledge of process and inspiration gave way to a smothering environment populated by long shadows and empty cities.
While others sleep and hibernate, the one's haunting dreams weave on the sunless winter days.

Tracklist :
1. Dreamfields 1
2. A Wilderness of Cloades 1 and 2
3. A Wilderness of Cloades 3 and 4
4. Host
5. Vactrol Guardians
6. A Wilderness of Cloades 5 and 6
7. Dreamfields 2