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RAUM 312 (CD RAUM 04 )
CD Jewel Box, Price: €18,00

Experimental-Noise from Germany. Tracklist : 1 Geomorphologe Beweggründe 5:56 2 Hölzerne Gesänge 6:50 3 Akustische Fundortbetrachtungen 33:28 4 Räder Des Vergessens 6:52 5 Grenzen Der Räumlichkeit 6:44 6 Zeitweilige ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €6,00 - Nice price!

"YAK" is the collaborative effort, all tracks were recorded in different combinations, as stated in the track titles. Asmus Tietchens appears as this project director ! Concrete sounds and abstract constructions, endlessly recycled and digitally t ... View full listing
CD Carton Sleeve, Price: €7,50

Japanes solo project by one half of the femal band VAVA KITORA. This is the chant for the beauty of nature and life through hypnotic and dreamy voices and a mix of spiritual & psychedelic folk & an acoustic ambient. Tracklist : 1 A Golden Drago ... View full listing
SILENTES (sme 1148 )
CD Jewel Box, Price: €10,00

A singular long, deep moving, slow and expansive drone-track, built on always changing sonic masses, low frequencies, strong electric-electronic sounds, field recordings, feedback, buzzes, hisses, rough distortion, fading organ chords, cellos and orc ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €12,00

Year Zero is a very young industrial/electronic/ambient duo hailing from Shanghai, China. Break beats filled with tense orchestral and constructed a dark and strange atmosphere. Highly influenced by Nine Inch Nails, those graduates from Shanghai Con ... View full listing
2xCD in DVD sized Digipak, Price: €16,00

15 years after it‟s original release, and out of print for almost as long, Yen Pox‟ Blood music has finally been re-issued. Regarded by many as a benchmark recording within the realm of dark ambient music, this deluxe 2CD edition contai ... View full listing
ARTWARE (Artware 18)
CD Jewel Box, Price: €8,00 - Nice price!

Originally released on vinyl back in 1990 in a private edition of only 100 copies, this split-album with Japanese Yuzuru Syogase and Canadian Kaiser Nietzsche has been made available in a limited CD version of 500 copies by German experimental label ... View full listing