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This recording is a work of magic realism presenting harsh industrial themes, catchy neofolk songs, hypnotic folk tracks on a torrent into the dark land. The album brings 12 tracks in a rougher sound using a lot of drums, completed by industrial pa ... View full listing
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This studio release is dedicated to the Lonely Pilot. Lost in storm clouds, lost in the desert, or lost amongst men these heroes followed the path into eternity. Close to the sun, close to their gods, with wings of steel they became immortal. T ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €14,00

Subsequent to the Darkwood studio album "Herbstgewölk" ( released in 2004 ) this new recording of "Weltenwende" ( originally on the Eis & Licht label ) will finally see a reissue on CD. Additional to the 8 vinyl-only tracks this version includes 3 ... View full listing
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A collaborative album directly resulting from the activities on the Heidenvolk collaboration "Secret Lords". Dedicated to Alchemy, the tracks represent different phases of an alchemical transmutation process of mind and soul. Soundwise, a fusion ... View full listing
HEIDENVOLK (Heimatfolk 11)
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STEIN was founded in 2005 as the solo-project of Norbert Strahl, the singer of SEELENTHRON and NOTHING ENDS, who was also basic member of the famous NeoFolk outfit DIES NATALIS. Norbert's aim with Stein was, to compose songs for the poems of Georg ... View full listing