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OPN (OPN CD 07 )
CD in Slim DVD Box, Price: €12,00

French project know from an album in collaboration with HIV+ or several demo-releases. "Les Machines Ecarlates" is a kind of ambient soundtrack where elements of industrial and electronics are melting together in mysterious sonic corridors. Babylo ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €12,00

The new album for winter 2010. Mixing dark soundscapes, concrete sounds and weird voices. Album was mastered by Ruelgo (Le Syndicat) Tracklist : - Le Geste (04:28) - The other part of revolution (04:08) - Sun disasters (05:34) - Coma and Haï ... View full listing
OPN (OPN CD 08 )
CD Digipack, Price: €8,00 - Nice price!

This is the product of a collaboration between three artists with a divergent, and indeed sometimes opposed, approach of music, this work plainly demonstrates how their musical universes ultimately complement each other along three axes – noise, rhyt ... View full listing
LP, Price: €14,00

After "Patagonie" here comes the full album of 2007 for this intriguing French project ! Composed in 2003-04, this LP marks the clean evolution in "Fin de Siecle" music from the neoclassic sounds of their debut into a much more ambient and organic s ... View full listing
OPN (OPN CD 05 )
CD Jewel Box, Price: €10,00 - Nice price!

French best decadent neo pop’n’folk sounds ! Featuring collaborations with Storm of Capricorn & Nick Grey. Tracklisting: 1 Patagonie I (2:57) 2 Patagonie II (5:57) 3 Patagonie III (2:42) 4 Patagonie IV (3:42) 5 Bradzingue (4:0 ... View full listing
OPN (OPN CD 10 )
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

Terre Brulée" is French stands for "scorched earth". Composed between 2006 and 2008 with the cooperation of various artists, "Terre Brûlée" joins in a register just as much scenic than musical. Touching universal and timeless subjects, the stage s ... View full listing
OPN (OPN CD 006 )
CD Jewel Box, Price: €8,00 - Nice price!

A soundtrack to the search of Thule / Hyperborea. Great heathren folk music anthems. Guest : Der Arbeiter. Tracklisting: 1 Pillars Of Ice (1:56) 2 Most Northerly Midnight (4:19) 3 The Glowing Child (4:14) 4 Helm Of Awe (4:46) 5 ... View full listing
OPN (OPNEP 002 / DC 999)
10" Picture Disc, Price: €14,00

Following their previous collaboration under the name of Univers Carcéral with Divine Comedy records, HIV + & Babylone Chaos, two well known musical projects within the French industrial scene, join once again their talents to give birth to this new ... View full listing
CD-R Jewel Box, Price: €7,00

Mythological inspirated neo-folk with great emotional vocals, many acoustic guitars, fluts, violin, piano .. Tracklist : 1. Cantique pour une chrysalide 2. Les soupirs de Babylone rouge 3. A l'aube du crépuscule 4. In Tenebris 5. Au Coeur de ... View full listing
CD Digifile, Price: €12,00

Yukiko Fukushima is a japanese artist, who experienced her talent in many ways such as photography, or music. Her main musical inspiration comes from classical music, especialy Bach's piano works she's studying endlessly. Yukiko's first musical cr ... View full listing
OPN (OPN LP 02 )
LP, Price: €14,00

Quite different from the previous two Lambwool albums. Rather than a number of shorter tracks, this LP contains one long piece of music divided into two parts to fit the vinyl format. Much in the vain of Tangerine Dream and other German electronic ... View full listing
CD in DVD sized Digipack, Price: €12,00

First release in CD format from this french project mixing cold ambient music with drones & acoustic sounds. The music is cold as ice as well as deeply organic. The CD is housed in a DVD digipack file with full icy colour artwork. Tracklist ... View full listing