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ARTWARE (Artware 022 )
CD Digipack, Price: €15,00

The "Stockholm Danse Macabre" was commissioned by The Protestant Parish of Stockholm and first performed in the St. Gertrud Church Stockholm in August ´96 on the occasion of a symposium on the Apocalypse. It was then expanded into a tryptich for th ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €12,00

Paul Lemos´s brilliant solo album with monumental, classic inspired arrangements and Joe Papa´s sacred songs represents a development of the Controlled Bleeding noise. The six full color icons, created by Arthur Potter, turn the booklet into a veri ... View full listing
ARTWARE (Artware 18)
CD Jewel Box, Price: €8,00 - Nice price!

Originally released on vinyl back in 1990 in a private edition of only 100 copies, this split-album with Japanese Yuzuru Syogase and Canadian Kaiser Nietzsche has been made available in a limited CD version of 500 copies by German experimental label ... View full listing