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BLACK ROSE (BRCD 13-1012 )
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

Corrosion is a degradation mechanism. It is an insidious process often difficult to recognise until deterioration is well advanced. Are these new pieces a comment on the current state of noise music, serious music or both? As a pioneer of electr ... View full listing
BLACK ROSE (BRCD 05-1007 )
CD Folder, Price: €30,00

In 1984 Vortex Campaign invited Coil and The New Blockaders to collaborate. The result, unofficially referred to as “Dolbied”, was released on cassette in an edition of 50. The release has since gone on to become legendary, showcasing two of the ... View full listing
BLACK ROSE (BRCD 95-1003 )
CD Jewel Box, Price: €14,00

Not a new item, we manged to find some copies of this rare CD. This is the 1995 CD re-edition of the second Contrastate album which initially came only as an LP and contains two previously unreleased tracks taken from the same recording sessions. ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €7,00 - Nice price!

sounds are deep & beating with a kind of “heavy” guitar. Demoniac split release ... Tracklist : 1 Splintered Slow Removing Waves (8:23) 2 RLW Moraine's Eyes 3 (4:20) 3 Splintered Time Is Here (7:28) 4 RLW Moraine's Eyes 4 (4:25) 5 Sp ... View full listing