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CD Plastic Sleeve, Price: €28,00

Recorded November 1996 to February 1997 using only the sounds of "Water" as sound source. Another masterpiece by this japanese master of minimal-ambient Industrial. The CD comes with a special package with a sealed bag originally full of blue col ... View full listing
CD Folder, Price: €19,00

All sounds on that album are created with metal objects. A dark and powerful ambient. Album comes packed in a special metal sleeve. Tracklist : 1 Quell 12:56 2 Mentalité Du Métal 9:39 3 Suppresion 22:10 4 Calx 10:34 5 U ... View full listing
CD in Rockboard slipcase, Price: €24,00

The hart of stone, rocks, mineral, finaly having its voice ! Recorded March-August 2000 at Studio MECCA Kyoto Japan using only stone as a source material. Very special heavy package made by two rock tiles. Tracklisting: 1 Set On (24:15) ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €19,00

Keeping in the tradition of releasing concept style albums, this second full-length Final release revolves arounds the premise of sound elements composed from the sound during the first millionth of a second of a nuclear explosion. With track title ... View full listing
CD Sleevecard + banderole, Price: €16,00

Reissue into digital format of this classic tape already re-released also into vinyl ... The masterful german drone-guitar trio is now just a memory. But by culling the best tarnished gems from cassettes and compilations, Meditamentum I becomes ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €9,00 - Nice price!

Fom acoustic sounds through deep ambience, from beating rhythmic to noise soundscapes. Tracklisting: 1 Nevermind The Credits; Start The Dream (4:42) 2 The Silent Presence (5:26) 3 Piper In The Woods (6:12) 4 Beyond The Valley Of Blu ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €12,00

Best ambient sounds by real great musicians in the genre. All compositions was inspired by a book : Paul Schütze 'Seribu Aso' created for the story 'Kalimantan' by Lucius Shepard Voice Of Eye 'Siddhartha' created for the story 'Siddhartha' by Her ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €12,00

The driving percussion of Rapoon (Robin Storey, ex-Zoviet France) is woven perfectly with the light, introspective drifts of Birds Of Tin. “Monomyth” manages to sound both tribal and futuristic all at once. A flight over haunted, surreal byways, dr ... View full listing
CD Jewel Box, Price: €6,00 - Nice price!

Wide range of beating death inspired sounds, strange ambience & treated instruments plus Mr. Bill Laswell guide. Tracklist 1 Applaud The Execution 5:56 2 Terminate 7:22 3 Raga 15:28 4 100 Miles 4:33 5 Raga (Praxis Kille ... View full listing