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KENAZ (Kenaz 201)
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

Sixth Comm is the project arround Patrick Leagas, one of the former mebers of Death in June !!! This album is a re-release of the Classic 6th Comm album from 1986/7 ! Consisting of semi-classical tracks (such as "Winter Sadness") and a mixture of s ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €1400,00

Originally available at 6 COMM concerts and from 6 COMM Mailorder ONLY, we are now able to offer you the new album. A totally re recorded album of classic tracks featuring songs from the early 6 COMM period and also a few tracks from Patrick Leaga ... View full listing
KENAZ (none)
Cd Cardboard Sleeve, Price: €12,00

First in a series of new, old and re-recordings by Six Comm, tracks that will not be reissued in their original formats. This CD covers the 198o’s Find here two cover recordings of Patrick’s favourite Kirlian Camera songs, Angelo Bergamini gave S ... View full listing