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TOURETTE (Tourette 10)
CD Digipack, Price: €14,50

A full length Black Sun Productions album featuring the legendary Val Denham. An alchemical journey through the wild boys world ... All lyrics by Val Denham except A Tale Of Two Cities (by Charles Dickens) and Time Uncaptured (by Massimo & Pierce). ... View full listing
TOURETTE (tourette 012)
LP, Price: €15,00

Nearly 10 years after the memorable collaboration between MZ.412, IDPA, and COLUMN ONE and recorded at the event of the Collapse Festival, held in Rostock, Germany, comes a document of this event. What you hear is a manifestation of opposites, the ... View full listing
CD Carton Sleeve, Price: €6,00 - Nice price!

Soundtrack for a world controlled by "Apes" ... 3 tracks from 30 monkeys CD-R ( AR025 ) + 9 unreleased tracks ! Crushing machines, Power-electronic noisescapes, screaming voices, deviant / mutant sounds from a dominated world ! CD comes in A5 ca ... View full listing
CD in DVD Box, Price: €6,00 - Nice price!

The album alternates pure and ellegant electronic ambient tracks sometime featuring even a femal voice to harsh power electronics as we know from the best German acts. 70 minutes of best industrial muzak. Tracklist 1 Achtung Einsam (Creta Par ... View full listing
LP Box, Price: €15,00 - Nice price!

Very special edition with unique handmade cover artwork, bits of broken ceramic, inserts, oversized box, handnumbered to 100 copies. This LP seems to come from the good old and lost hand-made "Industrial" world. A perfect "Industrial" object whic ... View full listing
TOURETTE (Tourette 030 )
CD Digifile, Price: €12,00

Collaboration between Marc Hurtado, former member of "ETANT DONNÉS" with Vomir (aka Romain Perrot). Marc Hurtado, musician, film director, painter, poet and producer is the founder with his brother Eric Hurtado of the french multimedia band Etant ... View full listing
TOURETTE (Tourette 032 )
10 x CD Box, Price: €65,00

Recordings from Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani. Kiyoshi was a member of Merzbow in the 80’s and makes solo works since 1989, though main man Masami Akita has been the backbone of the band in history since 1979. These recordings are from the 87- ... View full listing
TOURETTE (Tourette 032)
11 x CD Box, Price: €125,00

Special edition ! This is a special edition of 100 copies including an 11th bonus CD along with a signed mini-card from early times. Recordings from Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani. Kiyoshi was a member of Merzbow in the 80’s and makes solo w ... View full listing
TOURETTE (Tourette 005)
CD Digipack, Price: €12,00

Back in stock. Best minimal pop songs with referments to traditional Spanish music, flamenco, gitan sounds, mediterranean and arabian music. Sadness and joy , love and despair ... A little-big jewel by Demian singing, as usual, all his songs in ... View full listing
TOURETTE (Tourette 006)
CD Digipack, Price: €14,50

RETARDER is Lloyd James of NAEVUS old solo project. Different from Naevus is Retarder more toward experimental music and is mixing different genres. First track “dancing” for example goes heavy on jazz with only piano. “Farmer Duncan” on the othe ... View full listing