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AQUARELLIST (aquarel 05-07)
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Recorded using percussion synthesizer amdek pck-100, it shows the great sound manipulations talent of this japanese artist at its best. "Imagery Resonance" is one of the most atmospheric and at the same time diverse work by this project to date - d ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 03-05)
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DEADHEAD is totally different to all other releases from this great Russian experimental-ambient project. DEADHEAD is simply brilliant electronic music, mixed with Neoclassical elements and Russian samples and hymns. Some tracks are filled also w ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 02-05)
CD Jewel Box, Price: €14,00

This album is inspired by life and works of Nika Turbina - a poetess who started to write grown-up tragic poems when she was only 4 years old. "This is not me writing, this is God leading my hand", - the small girl used to say. First Nika's book ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 23-13 )
CD Digipack, Price: €15,00

This is the day-out journey through the distant backwood thickets of Ural: crystal drops of daybreak and light-golden glimmers of dawn at the shallows of Shegultan river, white looming heat over rapids and rifts of Volchimya, twilight of forevening o ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel plan b 01-11)
CD Carton Sleeve, Price: €15,00

Live recording of a performance Deutsch Nepal did in club Orlandina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia on December, 26th 2006. Stricltly limited edition of only 150 copies. Usual Deutsch Nepal trade-mark Industrial ...! Tracklist: Untitled 44:31 ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (Aquarel 07-08)
CD + DVD Digipack, Price: €18,00

The first studio album of Hybryds since “Electric Voodoo” (2002). "Dreambient" is based on exploration of the female characters from the Pagan past: archetypes of the seducer, the demon, the girl, the whore, the slave, the mistress, the priest, the ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 10-09)
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

An anthology of early ritual works of this fabulous Belgian project. This music immerses the listener into the space of RITUAL - the magical action aimed to reach the goals beyond the borders of the ordinary world. An action evoking deeper layers ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (Aquarel 08-08)
CD Digifile, Price: €10,00

One of the oldest Russian dark-ambient artists Evgeny Savenko (previously known for the releases under alias Lunar Abyss Quartett). “Tuntury” is a collection of six sonic pictures from the world of thundra-yoga. Each composition is a complex mult ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 15-10)
CD Carton Sleeve, Price: €12,00

Debut album by the Moscow collective Povarovo. Sound stile can be described as dark jazz-ambient. To be compared with Borhen and Der Club of Gore and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. It is remarkable that Povarovaro played their first concert ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 25-13 )
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

New album by this English world famous ritual ambient project. "Brief moments of seemingly grasping something previously hidden from view. Snow melting on a deserted concrete platform at a station with no name in an urban wasteland. White tre ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 11-09)
CD Digipack, Price: €12,00

Being close enough to "The Bush Prophet" musically, it is rather full of light melancholy than dark anxiety, with quite a lot of bright moments setting off the overall moody atmosphere. Being a kind of nostalgic remembrance of the early 80-es, it h ... View full listing
AQUARELLIST (aquarel 24-13 )
CD Folder, Price: €14,00

"SEN" is the 2nd full length Troum album, it was originally released in the "Mort aux Vaches" series on "Staalplaat" in 2000. The album was recorded 'live in the studio' in Amsterdam at the VPRO studios in December 1999 in one take with no overdubs ... View full listing