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REDROOM (Redroom 007)
CD Carton Sleeve, Price: €7,50

An original film score by Matt Howden (Sieben, HaWthorn, Duo Noir). "Robot World" is a non-verbal documentary by German film director Martin Hans Schmitt. The soundtrack is best described as Neoclassical in style; it is music to sink into and drift ... View full listing
CD Digipack, Price: €13,00

SIEBEN are back with their 10th album in their 13-years career. "No less than All" is an album of vast emotional temperature. Cold, hard, cynical. Searing hot and impassioned. This new work from Matt Howden delivers everything you want from tha ... View full listing
REDROOM (RedRoom 006)
CD Digipack, Price: €14,00

Sieben is unique, There is nothing like him. Words flow from a silky voice and notes slide off the bow with ease, In this there is magic. Chemistry happens, The strings loop, the songs unfurl and the images in your head blossom, You are drawn to ... View full listing