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Two of the most prominent names in Harsh Noise, in fact, In the late 80’s they defined the genre (Sam of The Rita LITERALLY coined the term Harsh Noise Wall.)
Black Leather Jesus and The Rita offer us a 30 minute collaboration - bearing no boundaries of the frequency range that is accessible to the human ear.
Sam Kindley, AKA The Rita, based out of Vancouver, Canada is equal parts musician and conceptual artist.
These days a lot of popular records are lacking a message which is disconcerting, especially as we come from a background informed by Psychic TV.
Sam does not lack this quality in his work, and the commitment, continuity and subject matter is executed impeccably.
Eternal respect for both Sam and Richard /Sean Matz-Ramirez who are the main collaborators in Black Leather Jesus.
A project that recently passed its 30th anniversary, features a number of different collaborators - often friends of the married duo.
There is one commonality amongst each release despite the roles - each track instills one without limitation.
The sounds will hypnotize you (if you allow it) and the place it takes one to is not always the same; though it shares a feeling of freedom, liberty and boundless potential.
Paired with their classic black and white, often hand-made or processed artwork, Black Leather Jesus continues to draw on and reflect the culture and imagery of gay BDSM and raw masculinity that hypnotizes and beholds boundless sonic power.

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