Mogao / Moozzhead


Music Cassette (narco107) - NARCOLEPSIA

Limited Edition 100 copies

Unrelenting duel between yet two more entities leaving behind their glowing trail throughout the grim finnish landscape.
Mogao is a newcomer from Turku – half of The New Boyfriends (a collaboration with Aprapat) – which released the amazing “Cave of 1000 Buddhas” tape in 2019.
Moozzhead, on the other hand, is an older name, active during the 90´s, yet so obscure and with such scarce activity, that it will be seen as a new project by most.
As for the sound itself, this is a wild and unrestrained amalgam of blazing feedback and strident psychedelia, as fiery as celebratory – a soundtrack for malfunctioning meditation, “Zen buzz for empty heads” getting fried on a “whirlwind pendulum”.

Silver C-50 Cassette with Black prints.
Limited edition of 100 copies.

A1  Mogao - Hermit's Boogie
A2  Mogao - Sound Of Pu'er
B1  Moozzhead - Constellation Of Noise Symptom
B2  Moozzhead - Whirlwind Pendulum

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