>​(​decrescendo) Final Chapter = デクレッシェンド 最終章


2xCD in Mini-LP Gatefold Sleeve (WC-101) - INUNDOW

Recorded in a park before dawn in August 2019, ">(decrescendo)" was originally released as a Japan-only triple cassette box by clothing brand CAV EMPT and sold out immediately.
In 2020 UK label The Trilogy Tapes reissued the album on vinyl, followed by a deluxe LP reissue in 2021.
Finally, a limited release of the record (20 copies) was buried in the same park for a week.
Now, for the first time on double CD (84 mins), the entire recording is released on two discs as a completely new and final form of sound image.

"Japan's industrial outcast The Gerogerigegege return with the drone noise of >(decrescendo)...
This release showcases The Gerogerigegege submerging the mix in lo-fi, fuzzy ambient textures, without sacrificing their experimentalist credentials.
An eminent stillness emerges from >(decrescendo), its hazy atmosphere barely broken by a wandering organ and, to our ears, birdsong and the distant humming of car engines.
A supremely beautiful introspective listen" (Bleep).

Presented in an outsized gatefold mini-LP sleeve with obi strip.
Japanese import!

Disc 1
§  Farewell Dream Treatment (aka Our Dreams Is Over) 48:18

Disc 2
§  Destructive Crust Treatment (aka To The End Of The World) 35:32

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