:Darker by Light:


CD Digipak (ZOHAR 173-2) - ZOHARUM

Originally released in 1996.
An early Rapoon document,  full of strong rhythmic emphasis hidden behind the wall of ambient dust.
This desert period by Rapoon falls into the 90s, from same period was already re-released three CDs: “Vernal Crossing” (1993), “The Kirghiz Light” (1995) and “The Fires of the Borderlands” (1998).
Static walls of sound arriving from far away, processed rhythms inspired by ethnic music, sometimes completed by flutes and pipes.
A great album, unavailable for many years finaly re-released.

1 Night That Thunders 9:39
2 Lies And Propaganda 10:06
3 Tidal Transmissions 9:20
4 Sunday's Shadow 6:02
5 From Sleep Awake 8:32
6 Twilight 3:10
7 Winter's Edge 8:16
8 Prayer 10:07
9 Flight 6:12

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