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7" Vinyl (TESCO 120) - TESCO

Limited Edition 250 copies

GO analysis of ‘nationalism’ in all its varied perspectives has been applied that time to Rabbi Kahane and his radical Israeli Orthodox Jewish ‘ultranationalist’ political party Kach, which later splintered into Kahane Chai – a hard-line Israeli militant advocating for the expulsion of Arabs from Israel.
Interview samples of Rabbi Kahane are used within both tracks, where it it becomes quickly apparent to why Kach as a political organisation was barred from elections on the basis of inciting of racism against Arabs.
Two dates are also printed on either side of the vinyl, which reference the date of his birthday (1 August, 1932), as well as the date of his assassination (5 November, 1990).

Kach on Side A features a backbone of straight forward wavering synth loops, mixed with mid-toned squelching textures, while the vocals differ form the usual style in that that are treated in a heavy wash of blurred distortion which bleeds from the top to the bottom of the mix (and consequential picking the lyrical content becomes extremely difficult to decipher).

Kach on Side B is far less aggressive than the first, featuring a lone low pulsing synth line and coupled only with interview samples and slightly treated whispered vocals, and while extremely minimal by usual Genocide Organ standards, it is still a very effective mood driven track.

Via the two short tracks Genocide Organ again demonstrate their total mastery of using the simple and/ or minimal sonic elements, but wielding them in such a way to make them sound far more powerful than the sum of their mere parts. When this then is coupled with the strong conceptual underpinnings, it makes for yet another excellent release in their discography., so happy hunting if you want to track one down at a reasonable price.

This is the Exclusive TESCO Mail-Order single on White Vinyl, same as the one released on Blue Vinyl and sold at the 30th Anniversary of Tesco Organisation Festival.

A Kahane Chai 5:57
B Kach 3:58

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