CD Digipack (TW 1.86) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Re-edition of the album previously out on World Serpent with 2 additional bonus tracks.

“Quintessence” consists of five neo-medieval folk songs, each based on the alchemical elements of earthe, air, fyre, water, and quintessence.
This fifth album of theirs showcases the longest songs ever recorded by the band and accomplishes a sound unlike any of their previous musical efforts, while still maintaining their standard of medieval atmosphere.
Considered their "neo-folk" album, this release is filled with rich lyrical intricacies and lush acoustic instrumentations.

Tracklist :
1 Earthe 5:46
2 Air 7:10
3 Fyre 5:14
4 Water 9:02
5 Quintessence 13:49
6 Hear the Words of God and the Maid 3:51 (bonus track)
7 Kyrie Eleison 21st Century Remix 5:03 (bonus Track)

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