The World That Summer


CD Jewel Box (BAD VCCD9) - NERUS

Originally recorded between 1985 and 1986.
Completely re-mastered at Big Sound Studios 2006.
This is a rare re-issue in Jewel-Box with the first cover design with the 2 DIJ symbols.

After the legendary "Nada!" this is most probably the more beloved DIJ album.
Very elegant and pure chansonnier songs with their usual dark touch.
Featuring the sampled voice of Yukyo Mishima on one track and vocals by David Tibet (Current 93) on a couple of other tracks.
A monuiumental sonic fresco.

Tracklist :
01. Blood of Winter
02. Hidden Among the Trees
03. Torture by Roses
04. Come Before Christ and Murder Love
05. Love Murder
06. Rule Again
07. Break the Black Ice
08. Rocking Horse Night
09. Blood Victory
10. Death of a Man
11. Reprise 1
12. Reprise 2
13. Reprise 3

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